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Quit with Nancy

What to Expect...

Remember, our program is different. No matter how many times you have failed, we can help.

Nancy is an ex-smoker and has worked with over 16,000 smokers and chewers in live programs. Thousands have shared their stories with her, and she has listened.

She has incorporated their feedback into her program, so in effect, the tobacco users have helped to develop a program that they can relate to.

Over the years, we have helped a wide variety of tobacco users OVERCOME TOBACCO. We can help those who consider themselves beyond help…. people of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds.

We have helped people who have quit and then relapsed many times over. Nobody is beyond help. We can help you, too, regardless of what type of tobacco you use!

Nancy Casperson

Important Program Instructions, Please Read Before Beginning:

We hope you enjoy the Quit with Nancy Tobacco Cessation Program© as thousands of others have!!

As a participant in the Quit with Nancy™ Program©, we want you to enjoy and succeed!

This Quit with Nancy Tobacco Cessation Program© is presented in an 8 Module (approximately 8 hours) interactive video format. At the end of each Module, flashcards and graphics will be provided to review the program content. You will then continue on to a series of interactive questions designed to enhance your learning experience.

We highly recommend you have a medical provider involved. You may decide not to use any medication but having support from your medical provider will statistically increase your success in quitting tobacco.

You are strongly encouraged to watch the program with family members and/or friends. It’s critical that whoever supports you, both tobacco users and non-users, understand the approach taught in the program so they can be a powerful part of your support system.

If possible, attempt to view the entire 8-hour program within 1-3 weeks’ time. Doing so will help with motivation and information retention. The timespan in which you watch the program will vary with your individual schedule and needs. Ideally, it is best to view an hour or two at a time. Others may block out part of a weekend so that they can view the program with a family member.

As you move through this program, we strongly encourage you to watch the program with family members and we highly recommend you have a medical provider involved in your care. Module 1 Video is 65 Minutes long.

Quit With Nancy Online Course

Module 1

Personal Risk, History of Tobacco, Dirty Secrets

Module 2

Tobacco Pyramid, Tar, Tobacco Products

Module 3

Diseases and Your Body, Real People/Real Sick

Module 4

Your Path, Integrated Self,
Brain Chemistry of Addiction

Module 5

Medications, Nicotine Replacements, Treatment Options

Module 6

Non-Nicotine Medications Wellbutrin/Chantix – Make a Plan

Module 7

Relapse Prevention, Cravings, Contract and Health/Wellness

Module 8

Extended Interviews, Success Stories