Module 1 Lite

Lesson 1.1 Video

Progress Menu module 1 Lesson Instructions Watch the complete video. We recommend setting aside a full hour to watch each video. We’ve found that learners get the most benefit if they watch each module’s video from start to finish in one session. Follow the links at the bottom to advance to the next topic after …

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Lesson 1.3 Self-Assessment

Progress Menu Lesson 1.6 Quiz Instructions Complete this assessment to understand your tobacco and nicotine history. Name* First Last Email* 1. Do you use tobacco and/or e-cigarettes/vape JUUL? (Select all that apply.)*TobaccoE-cigarettes/vape/JUULBothNone 2. How many others in your household use any type of tobacco, E-cigarettes/vape/JUUL?*No one1234 or more 3. If you use tobacco, what types …

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Lesson 1.2 Flashcards

Progress Menu Lesson 1.5 Lesson Instructions Review the flashcards and answer the quiz question below when you are finished. Lite Quiz 1.1 Flashcards Review Take Quiz →